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Stephanie is excited about her ministry of fitness that comes to help those who are in need of a NEW REshape YOU look and feel. With her over 30 years of experience as an athlete, personal trainer, and coach, she brings much experience, wisdom, and a sure change to the person, family, kid, teen, athlete, professional athlete,  sports team, group, business, organization, school, church ministry, and many more who is in need. She personally trains individuals, athletes, coaches, groups, organizations, schools, church ministries, obesity, too slim, too heavy, need rehabilitation, etc. She not only personally trains, but she also provides personal eating plans and workouts to each as well. Stephanie is serious about helping those get to the place of newness, where they want to be within themselves. All she needs is for that person(s) or group to want it, to elevate the potential they possess, and go after it! Are you ready? I know you are!

Her new book, “REshape YOU”, is a fitness guide to teach you how to create the NEW YOU from the inside out. It comes to give you just what you have been looking for–a REshaping from the inside out.

Great health and a great looking body does not come just by saying “I’d like to look and feel great someday”. It comes with saying “I look and feel great today!” It also comes with inner healing (having a new determination within yourself, being secure about who you are, confident that you can win and not lose), and it comes with developing a great eating plan and workout on a daily basis. So with that said, are you determined? Are you looking to get REshaped into the NEW YOU for this NEW Year? I want you to know that this is about to be the best 7 years of your life! Do you believe that? Purchase my NEW book REshape YOU today! It will change your life forever!Love you guys!


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Order Stephanie’s NEW book, “REshape YOU Elderly Fitness Exercises & Eating Plan Book: A Fitness Book of Simple Exercises & Eating Plans for the Elderly today CLICK HERE.

REshape YOU Elderly Fitness Exercises & Eating Plan Book

REshape YOU Elderly Fitness Exercises & Eating Plan Book is for the older adult who just wants to exercise the right way and have a healthy body. It is about doing surgery on your heart (body), mind, spirit, and soul. It goes past the elderly who struggles with simple functional fitness exercises. It is about removing what is hindering your progress to move to the NEW level that you so desire and need, and create the NEW REshaped YOU. Stephanie provides you with simple physical activity exercises that are proven safe and effective for improving functional performance levels as well as a healthy way of eating for healthy living. Stephanie explains how to structure your simple exercises and eating plan to fit only you in a simple walking, sitting, running, light gym cardio, light aerobic, and light strength training exercises that will help you feel and look great. She also covers topics that show you what to wear, how to stretch, how to warm up your body before exercising; and provides you with a personal sample of an eating plan and simple exercise just for you.


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