A mentoring assignment and the prophetic mantle from God plays a huge part in Stephanie’s life and ministry.  It is one of her mandated calls to reach, teach, instruct, and to orchestrate through the prophetic leading of the Lord. It is Jesus Christ’s mission that the people of God establish order and operate only in the leading and the order that Jesus Christ has prophetically and Biblically ordained for the Christian Believer and for His church (John 2:13-17).

Stephanie mentors churches/ministries (helps bring order and rebuilding), pastors, ministers, individuals, torn apart families, broken marriages, singles, relationships, troubled youth, youth and young adults, and children. She mentors through administration, structure and order, discipline,  and restoration from the Word of God. As a result, she has helped many to reunite, become strong(er) in faith and in establishing themselves and order, finding their ministry and true purpose and calling from God; and also to keep order as they follow the leading of the Lord through ministry and/or at home.

If you would like for Stephanie to come and mentor you, your business, your relationship, your family and/or your church, please contact her today!