Challenge Yourself/You’re Accepted by God!

Life comes with many challenges. In fact, we are all on a faith walk of potential challenges–challenges in faith to believe each day of our lives to wake up, to go to work to make money to pay our bills, provide for our families and ourselves by putting food on our tables; and also the constant challenge of keeping the devil out of every area of our lives every chance we get.

It is a challenge. But with every challenge, there is always a way to win.  With every setback, there is always a comeback. The most powerful tool in this is that when challenges come in your path as you go through the storms of life, know that God is there and He is not asleep. He is yet alive and is helping you get through every challenge in your life. He has the final answer, He has the final say; and He has the key to change your situation immediately. When man quit on you, know that God will never. He will always be there even when it does not look like it, nor does it feel like it. He is there. Challenge yourself not to quit in spite of what it looks like, press toward the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus through the faith that He has given to you, and know that this year is the year for God to bless His people in every area of our lives. Be blessed and never give up, Stephanie.